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Shijiazhuang Shiking Trading CO.,LTD is professional in tricycle,electric tricycle,electric car brake shoes,drum brakes,motorcycle brake shoes,brake pads,automobile brake shoes,brake pads.
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Front Auto Brake Discs

Specification: Outer diameter:300mm Total weightness:8kg Brake disc thickness:24mm Material:Grey Ir...

RV Trailer Brake Shoes

RV Trailer Brake Shoes Specifications: Size:303.5*50mm Application:RVtrailer brak...

Infiniti Ceramic Brake Pads

Specification: Width: 105.2mm Height:51.9mm Thickness: 15.5mm Friction material:Ceramic ...

Volvo Ceramic Brake Pads

Specification: Width: 155.3mm Height:62.8mm Thickness: 17.5mm Friction material:Ceramic ...

Jeep Ceramic Brake Pads

Specification: Width: 146mm Height:50.6mm Thickness: 19.2mm Friction material:Ceramic ...

Porsche Ceramic Brake Pads

Specification: Width: 129.8mm Height:80mm Thickness: 16.8mm Friction material:Ceramic ...

Toyota brake rotors,OEM quality

geometbrake disc'sSpecification: Model No:4351230310 Place Origin:China Outer diameter:296mm Inner ...

Retrofitting brake rotors,good quality made by top fty

Retrofittingbrake rotors'specification: Model No:M04051 Place Origin:China Size:380×32×62mm Materi...

High quality brake rotors,High-carbon,high hardness,high temperature resistance

high quality brake rotors' specification: Model No:M06071 Place Origin:China Size:380*32*65mm Mater...

Modified brake rotors,good quality with automatical machines,top fty with good prices

modifiedbrake rotors'Specification: Model No:M04021 Place Origin:China Size:380*32*53mm Material:G...
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+86 18633822795