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220Z-CAZX brake shoes

Specification of car brake shoes:

Model: 220Z -CAZX
Place of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Type: brake shoes
Material: Steel
Size: Ф220*41mm
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Usage: Electric car
OEM: Yes


Description of electric car brake shoes:
Brake shoes are made of good quality steel which is high intensity and plasticity,the brake lining we produced has passed the tests and awarded the national industrial production licence,the surface of disc plate will be dealed with automatical painting production line so that it can be more beautiful.We will make tests regularly to keep products follow the national and international standard.

Performance of electric car brake shoes :
1.The friction coefficient and wear rate is stable.
A.The brake lining was made of 13kinds of raw materials,the formula was R&D by the advanced engineer,the friction coefficient and wear rate is stable,which can match the national and international standard.
B.We will test the friction coefficient and wear rate regularly in our lab with friction testing machine to keep it matching the standard.
2.We will make the cold lining test,hot lining test,fade test,recovery test etc regularly to keep our goods matching the standard.
3.The flatness of the brake lining is good,the friction acreage of brake lining can reach about 90%,so that it can work well when braking.
4.The steel table lining is made from good quality steel,the carbon content is modest,the intensity and plasticity is good,which make the welding performance good.
5.The aluminum table lining is made by our fty,the technology is strict,the tolerance is small,the performance is stable and reliable.
6.The brake lining and table lining sticked firmly to avoid of detachment in any condition.
A.The glue is designed by advanced engineer,which prove they can stick firmly within certain temperature.
B.After sticked together,put them into the electric furnace machine,heating them many times,so that they can stick firmly enough.
C.We will test whether they sticked firmly with professional machine regularly to keep it match the standard.
7.We use mix gas when welding,there isn't welding spatter,it can be more beautiful and firm.
8.The brake shoe,front drum brake and rear drum brake should be processed by digital controlled latch to prove the tolerance in different parts can match the standard.

Raw material:
The brake lining is made by our fty,the formula was R&D by the advanced engineer, the friction coefficient and wear rate is stable.The brake lining we produced has been passed the test made by the national quality supervision and inspection center,and awarded the national industrial production license.

The table lining is made from good quality steel-HPHC,the carbon content is modest,the intensity and plasticity is good,which make the welding performance good.

The production process of car brake shoe:
Table lining:Punching-drilling-carving-shot blasting-welding-restriking-grinding-shot blasting-semi-finished production's inspection-rust prevention coating

Brake lining:Mixing-moulding-grinding-sweeping-adhesive coating-clamping the table lining and brake lining and baking-scraping-riveting-final grinding-inspection-packing

ISO 9001:2008


Quality control :
Quality control by QC team:
1. There is quality control system to keep the quality controlled.
1) Raw material inspection
2) Production on line inspection
3) Finish products inspection
4) Products with packaging inspection

Quality control by workers:
The worker in the production line should inspect first, if no problem, then enter to next line. The worker in next production line will inspect as well, if found some problem, products will return back for improving.

Special inspector's inspection:
The special inspectors in each workshop will inspect when the goods finished, if no problem, then enter to next workshop.

Competitive edge:
1.The capacity per year is about 4.5million.

2.We have 10 workshops like rear drum brake workshop,front drum brake workshop,electric tricycle drum brake workshop, electrophoresis workshop,die-casting workshop etc.

3.We have 5 production lines like automatic painting and spraying production line,clamping and baking production line with many advanced modern equipments like die-casting machine-15,digital controlled lathe-25,automatic welder-25,punch-20,grinder-10.

4.We have text center with complete test machine like Rockwell hardness tester,machine for shearing tester,salt spraying tester, analytical balance,sample oven,PH detector,vulcanizing tester,viscometer etc to keep the products' quality can match the standard.Besides making tests in our lab,we will make test in professional institute annually and have test reports to show the friction coefficient,wear rate,fade and recovery test etc match the national and internation standard.

5.Our fty are nominated manufacturer of Foton/Zongshen,and 90% of our products are their nominated products.Our market covers about 50 citys around China and the Korea,Vietnam,Malaysia etc,and customers feel statisfied with our products and services.


1.Can you accept customization?

Yes,we can make products according to your designs.

2.Do you provide service of OEM?

Yes,we can.

3.What's your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 2000sets.

4.What's your payment items?

Our payment items is 30%T/T before mass production,70% balance before shipping.

5.What is your main advantage?

We are leading manufacturer with 27years experience,and are nominated manufacturer of Foton/Zongshen.

We will do our best to provide you good price and quality products,hope we have have chance to cooperate.